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Ducted System

Ducted Air Conditioning System


Ducted Air Conditioning PenrithSpecialising in commercial and residential ducted air conditioning, we have qualified technicians with over 35 years experience, using top brands such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Daikin and ActronAir. State of the art technology ensures that we install low maintenance systems that effectively control the climate and provide an environment void of hot and cold spots. Air is circulated through a system of filters that offer cleaner, fresher air. We also provide constant professional monitoring and are committed to reducing your running costs.
A ducted air conditioning system is the ultimate choice for air conditioned comfort in your home or office. You can control the temperature to suit your individual requirements thus making it cost effective and efficient, ultimately saving you money.
Ducting is installed into the roof of your house or office to service the area via ceiling grills. Ducting can also be installed under the floor of your house (subject to access) to service the ground area via floor grills. The ground floor can also be serviced by the roof ducting by running 'droppers' from the roof to the ceiling of your ground floor; these droppers can be hidden within wardrobes and be made to look as part of the construction of your house.
Using a ducted air conditioning system to air condition your home or office means there are no bulkhead units to be seen in the home or office, only air grills, and this is all connected to one outdoor unit which is compact and quiet.
If you are in the process of, or thinking of, building or renovating, the best time to contact us for your air conditioning needs is before work starts; this way we can converse with your builder and architect to ensure that your air conditioning system is installed seamlessly into your home or office.
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